MN bulletin NBR 2012-10

Training bulletin
Release Date
June 25, 2012

Notification: ALL regional POC’s Issue: Patching

OTTC has learned, and verified through independent testing, that the ability to patch a local site affiliation resource/talkgroup to a resource of a greater site affiliation (regional or state talkgroup) and have that patched local resource “take-on” the greater site affiliation is no longer available. The functionality was changed in the latest upgrade to the ARMER system. OTTC is aware that DECN, MNDot, and Motorola personnel are aware of this change.

Suggested immediate training strategy:
Notify all personnel, special emphasis to Law Enforcement Personnel, the feature functionality is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. At previous OTTC training sessions, training to include functionality in relationship with the Statewide pursuit standard was presented with “The expectation of the ability of Law Enforcement to stay on the LE MAIN while patched to the first available L-Tac” in part, to allow for LE personnel to be involved (primary pursuer) in a pursuit without necessitating the need to change talkgroups during the pursuit; OTTC is concerned that the change in system functionality must be effectively communicated with users of the system. OTTC suggests the retraining of all personnel on this change in an expeditious fashion to alleviate concerns of a possible unexpected loss of communications at or during critical times and events, such as pursuits.
SPECIFICALLY LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel must understand the patch WILL NOT allows for roaming beyond that Local talkgroups site affiliation. If a pursuit leads out of the respective LE MAIN site affiliation (umbrella of coverage) their Subscriber (Radio) in all probability will loose talkgroup affiliation. Depending on programming of the subscriber (radio), they may or may not recognize they have lost coverage, until they press the PTT.
Suggested long-term training strategy:
OTTC believes this change of functionality of the ARMER system as it relates to patching of talkgroups and site affiliation is significant. OTTC suggests the retraining of all personnel on this change as well as other changes to the functionality of the ARMER system as they relate to end user functionality.

Thomas Justin
On Target Training & Consulting, LLC